About This Project


This lovely home is a Classic Spanish Revival. For this project, my clients were deeply involved in the process, and we actually toured California together to study and create an authentic Spanish Revival Style that became prevalent throughout the home. For instance, we went to Santa Barbara and studied every aspect of the design – all of the detailing of the home was derived from the Spanish Style homes that were built in the 1920’s. A wonderful example of this is the living room fireplace, which we found in a home that was constructed in the 1920’s – all of those fireplaces were actually made in Italy to completely replicate what would have been there originally. Architect Addison Mizner, aka “The Father of Palm Beach” was the first to bring Spanish Mediterranean Style to Palm Beach, and he also worked in California, so we consciously adhered to his design sensibilities. Interestingly, the entire color palette of this home was derived from a Flemish Tapestry that my clients owned, and that palette is consistent throughout the home. ~Joan Simonesen-Hickok


Classic Spanish Revival